Friday, December 30, 2011

Trolls, Fuckwits, and Stalkers

The internet and social networking sites allow each person, if they choose, to create a profile and interact with others. Some people create profiles which contain false or untrue information about themselves, why they are on the site itself, create one authentic account but also create "dummy" accounts whereby they say or tweet things from that account and would never do from the authentic one and so forth. Some purposely place vile comments on blogs, manufacture lies simply so they can gain attention, purposely and maliciously malign other people/causes or misrepresent well known facts in order to run their "new age" nonsense. These folks love the anonymity aspect of the net.They get to spew all of their hatred from the comfort of their home or their mother's basement knowing full well the mess they type would never spring forth from their mouths in public. This blog post is dedicated to naming these folks and some of them you may know and others you may not. They are on Twitter but some have accounts/blogs elsewhere.

@GodswordisLaw & @loveGod50: I think the same person is controlling both of these accounts. The continued dick sniffing and riding of each other is all over each of their pages and often reference each other. Incessant tweets about the immorality of atheists/agnostics, prochoice are of high abundance. Lately this person, first account goes by "Keith", the second "Patrick" have been on this noisy parade about the RAPTURE. I surmise this person is aiming to be the next Harold Camping. This person rarely responds to substantive critiques and is quick to block especially if you institute POE's Law. Each account whines about Christian persecution ad nauseum and wants atheists to be saved. My verdict: one nut and 2 accounts. Avoid avoid avoid.
Addition: @loveGod50 revealed himself as a stand alone person and was tweeting from that account just to get a rise out of @GodswordisLaw. The user is an atheist. His real account is @ScienceBoy_

@JoeCienkowski: He wants to be the most famous creationist in the world. He really does. The Bible is his sword and evolution is what he intends to slay. He tweets with such temerity and boldness each and every day. It's very clear he does not understand evolution which is why he argues the way he does against it. Strawmen, old and outdated science and inerrant dogma is his approach. He doesn't name call but the first sentence ought to tell you he's nothing but a laugh fest. I think he has had a profound influence on the following troll.

@Sacerdotus, this particular troll parades himself around as a priest with multiple degrees in hard sciences. He purposely misrepresents scientific information in order to run apologetics for his particular belief in god. He's a creationist/intelligent design hawk who's very smug in his approach to you if you do not buy into his apologetics. Arguing with him is pointless. He's intellectually dishonest and I think he has another name from which to spew nasty hateful language (@Bronxbomber777). I could be wrong about that but when you apply pressure to Sacerdotus, Bronxbomber will not be far behind. Sacerdotus has a number of blogs and will invite you to them so he can control the discussion and hoard your comments. As usual he has the "donate" tab on his blog. He purposely tries to lure prochoice advocates and atheists to his blog with strawmen arguments and will try to call you weak for not taking him up on his slimy offer.

@Imhome: There's a long standing debate on whether or not Imhome is a man or a woman but the consensus has at least for now concludes that Imhome is a woman. She loves to misrepresent evolution. Her favorite brand of nonsense is "conscious rocks". She continues to this day to assert that accepting evolution means you believe consciousness came from rocks. Seriously. Consciousness is poorly understood but no one in their right mind would ever say anything about rocks being conscious or develop an argument for unconscious rocks spawning consciousness. She believes in some particular god and loves to troll atheists and prochoicers long after she has been dismissed. She's not above insulting you if you correct what she's saying and she's even remarked to myself and others that she wishes we could be reborn just so we could be aborted. Craziness.

@yourdudeisback: This dude has multiple accounts(also see @JayBallentine and maybe @InManibusDei). Yourdudeisback claims in his profile to be a flamethrower and intentionally trying to get under peoples skin with over-the-top style tweets and pictures but that's not all he tries to do. If you get him into a discussion you will find(and only black folks seem to be able to pull this out of him) that he hates WHITE MEN. He bashes black women but makes special exceptions for his mother. He adores white women because he believes he is entitled to them(see his pictures). He faults liberal-progressive white men for the downfall of the Black family and value system. I tend to think the last few sentences reveal who he is and what he really thinks. If you areblack woman and are prochoice, he will target you. He will say all sorts of nasty little things about you, such as "you are a baby killer from Kenya", "you should be ashamed that you had an abortion" etc. The Jay account is a failed attempt to be a serious account. He'll follow you and when you smack him down, BLOCK YOU. The Inman deal is boring trolling. He tries to be funny but it fails. He tweets exactly as he does from the yourdudeisback account. He's a time waster who'll come back long after you've sent him away.
ADDITION: yourdudeisback has an additional account @Proudblackman or proudblkman where he does his trolling of black women. He does not control @Inmanibusdei who is actually @Damien_Cope

@VintageHuey: He argues about evolution but doesn't know anything about it. He's a creationist/intelligent design hawk as well. Last time I checked he had less than 100 followers but many atheists and scientifically literate folks have taken aim at his creationist quackery. Don't bother. He's only interested in preaching and saber rattling. You'd be better off watching flies fuck than to deal with his ignorance.

@Lavendargoose: Pro-life stalker and lunatic. She's had a problem with me ever since I made a tweet which said "if you are not prochoice you cannot sit at my table". It was a reference to a dating preference that has irked her little heart ever since. She'll stalk your timeline either by following you or by searching for you name and tossing in a snarky comment or inserting herself into a discussion about a totally different situation. For example 2 tweeters were discussing Domino's pizza and she thought they were attacking former Republican Presidential candidate, Herman Cain(former CEO of Godfather's Pizza). She's been quoted as having "jungle fever" and she fervently believes black men want her. Perhaps she should talk to @yourdudeisback

@Markfromkent & @Frankfurt: 2 more creationists. Many scientifically literate folks have tried to correct their inaccuracies and misinformation about evolution. Frankfurt likes to block and then unblock then block again. Mark has the annoying little egg as his avatar and from what I've seen likes to play nice but he has the same problem all of the other creationists have; knowledge does not seem to get through to them. It's the way they understand it and nothing more.

@Littlebytesnews: Pro-life troll. She likes to shit in your mentions with ridiculous crap, block you but continue to reference you in later tweets. She's part of the redefining campaign to label abortion as murder. Wingnut city with this one.

This list is not comprehensive by any means. If you know of some others or want to add on to what I've posted please do. All of the people listed above are not worth the headache. Some opt for ridicule of them, others block them. The choice is yours but I wanted you to be aware of these folks.

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