Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Professional Distortions: Ray Comfort aka Banana Man

It did not take long for Ray Comfort to throw in his two cents about a campaign done by African Americans for Humanism(WeareAAH.org). Several cities have billboards featuring respective freethinking/non-believing groups with a quote or question, the face the President of that organization and it's done in conjunction with Black History month(a free-thinker/nonbeliever's picture is also featured on the billboard). I applaud this campaign because it pushes back against the notion of Blackness=automatic religious belief(s). The process of diminishing the role of religion in the Black community must start somewhere and this campaign seeks to be a part of that endeavor. Ray Comfort is saddened and disheartened by this development which you can read here: http://www.wnd.com/2012/02/author-blacks-too-smart-for-atheism/

Ray Comfort comes from a line of professional Christian apologists that make a living off of distorting atheism and seek to attach another issue to atheism in order to dismiss it as a tenable position. It's sort of like throwing out your computer because it does not wash your dishes too. It's what you see when Comfort misleadingly attaches atheism to abortion and when he lumps atheism and evolution. If the person is not well versed in the 'dismissal by attachment' phenomena, they will be taken in by his logic, especially if it already coincides with what they want to believe. Implying or flatly stating that being an atheist necessarily leads you to support safe, affordable, and accessible health care choices for all women just does not follow. Those are 2 different positions with one not necessarily following from the other. Nor does it follow that because you are an atheist you accept evolution. Comfort seeks to spread his bad propaganda by ambushing non-experts on complicated issues and theories, toss in an impoverished or misleading question, then scream "I gotcha"!! This tactic is done by a man who does not care about facts. He simply wants more believers to be a part of his cult.

In 2009 a Pew Research poll indicated 88% of Black people in American considered themselves "religious". Given my own experience, I take the poll at face value. Notice Comfort's slimy patronizing remarks "that Blacks are too smart for atheism". He knows atheism has not been introduced to the Black community so he must get ahead of this 'problem'. He needs more Black people to believe than not so he must make an appeal to intellectual veracity and aptitude. I'm more inclined to believe he makes the claim out of a position of self serving propaganda. His assertion is made out of convenience and could boost his profits. He lies about abortion killing Black children which coincides with other nasty and erroneous nonsense made by Black clergymen(mostly men) and women's hate sites(www.maafa21.com). A lot of Black people, especially men are silent on women's issues and are strongly pro-life. They believe they own Black women's bodies and she is the vessel from which to bring forth his seed. I'm not saying this is specific to the Black community only, but this view does exist. All it takes is the continued lying, misinformation and emotion pulling to keep the silence in place.

What really bothers me about this piece(other than the lying, patronizing and bad propaganda) is it will be accepted by many Black folks. The arrogance portrayed by Comfort is a common trait with professional religious apologists and they enable the believers. There are plenty of facts to refute what this particular fuckhead likes to promote but he's counting on a number of Black people not seeking the facts and taking him at face value because he's a Christian man wanting to save Black people and babies. Read that last sentence with as much sarcasm as you can muster.

The following videos and more can be seen of Ray. Check youtube.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2z-OLG0KyR4 <<banana reference
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyzF8SMQOxU <<Ray's appearance on the Atheist Experience

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