Thursday, May 31, 2012

Creationism is not science and children need to be taught facts.

Take a moment to read the story. The pastor wants evolution to be removed and replaced with the Biblical version of creationism. Why? As you can see, if you read the article, he has a ton of outdated and wrong reasons to be against the theory of evolution. Those reasons help support his terrible idea of getting rid of a strong scientific theory in order to replace it with his creationist story which is most palatable to him. I think when someone calls evolution "bad science", they probably have incorrect views about the theory. They have either by choice(as an adult now) or perhaps due to bad education as a child and subsequent laziness as an adult, not looked at the evidence in favor of evolution and have not kept up with the literature explaining the evidence. The pastor and a lot of other evolution deniers/detractors continue to believe humans are the focus of evolution. We are not. We are but a small portion of the theory. Plants, other animals, bacteria, and viruses are part of the theory too. The pastor and other evolution deniers are attempting to influence science committees, school boards and children across this nation under the guise of "let the parents/children decide". When it comes to facts we should teach what the evidence tells us and not what we want to hear. The idea of a democracy or some kind of voting initiative wherein the parents and children get to "decide" is utterly foolish. Evolution is a fact whether you want to believe it or not. Children need to be armed with the facts and if those facts conflict with long held religious beliefs of pastors, parents or whomever, that does not mean any entity in charge of making sure the kids get the best education with the available facts should go out of their way to appease some peoples specific sensitivities. The pastor and people who think like him on this subject can deny that evolution is a fact but what I have a problem with is that they believe they can and should influence younger minds to be hostile to the theory. If the pastor and others like him do not understand the theory of evolution then they should seek to understand it, rather than call for the complete withdrawal of it from public schools science curricula.  <<That is a good site where you can read a ton of creationist claims and solid rebuttals to them. Each of the pastor's "concerns" are addressed on this page. Bookmark the site. << This is a link to the NOVA special wherein Intelligent Design was put on trial in Pennsylvania because of the foolish acts of Dover PA's school board. It shows the evolving language of creationist rhetoric and how it was smacked down in federal court. The trial is Kitzmiller vs Dover.

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